yesterday in Ocean City and  I asked you where did you gEt the beach buddy screen. You told me that I could buy one in the gift shop AT THE CLARION HOTEL.  I have to tell you the screen is the greatest when spending time on the beach. This was my Granddaughters first time going to Ocean City and it was perfect. We put down a blanket and put the screen around it. We didn't have to worry about people crowding us and it was a great way to keep all of our towels and food in one area. Thank you so much for pointing us to the gift shop to buy the beach buddy.

Wanda - Maryland 

  • this is a must have item for the beach. it mimimized the sand blowing on us, as well as giving us our own personal space on the beach. this product made our beach trip the best time we have had in years, because it also alleviated people cutting through our spot and kicking sand on us (woohoo!)....................thank you - danielle - PA